When you think of how you can make your home eco-friendly, your first thought may not be about water usage. While paying attention to things like your electricity usage and heating and cooling costs can be good ways to make your home more environmentally friendly, looking at how your home uses water can also be helpful. Here are a few ways that your local plumbing service can help you make your home more eco-friendly.

Install a Low-Flow Toilet

Your toilet is responsible for around 38% of the water used in your home. However, many times you don’t need the amount of water used per flush, and low-flow toilets are a great way to decrease your water usage without a noticeable change to your daily life. Low-flow toilets compensate for the lessened amount of water by utilizing a gravity-driven system or a pressure-assisted system, and both make your low-flow toilet just as functional as a traditional toilet.

Opt For an Eco-Friendly Shower

Your shower is another large part of your home’s water consumption. Luckily, there are many low-flow showerhead options available on the market. Because of the popularity of eco-friendly changes around your home, there are more options than ever for eco-friendly, low-flow showerheads. These showerheads work by either creating more water pressure, making less water still have the same impact as more water does, or by adding air into the water stream, creating a more bubbly, gentle shower spray. Your local plumbing service can help you install the right low-flow showerhead to match your preferences.

Fix Leaks as Soon as You Notice Them

Another eco-friendly measure is to make sure you’re not wasting any water through leaking faucets or pipes. Not only are plumbing leaks inconvenient and possibly damaging to your home and belongings, but they also waste water. If you notice a leak, you should make sure to get plumbing services as soon as possible. If it’s a particularly large leak, it might be a good idea to contact a 24-hour plumber or emergency plumber to get the leak fixed as quickly as possible.

Being making small changes to be more eco-friendly is an easy way to help the planet. Because there have been so many advancements in the world of eco-friendly technology, we can opt for low-flow options of toilets and showers without having to sacrifice the functionality of traditional options. If you’re looking to get an eco-friendly plumbing upgrade in the Tuscon, AZ area, make sure to contact Al Coronado Plumbing today to find out how we can help you.

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