Plumbing emergencies are not fun for anyone, including the emergency plumber that has to come to your home in the middle of the night. Avoiding plumbing problems this winter can be easy if you follow some simple guidelines. You can save yourself a lot of stress by being prepared for the winter.

Shut It Down

If you have outdoor water sources like spigots for your garden hose, shut them down before the winter comes and remove the hose. You can buy insulators that slip over the spigot to protect it from freezing. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking it is not a big deal if there is a problem with the spigot outside, but the fact is, that spigot has a pipe that runs into your home and connects. If that pipe freezes and bursts you will have a mess on your hands and will need an emergency plumber to stop the problem.

Don’t Leave Water Dripping in the Sinks

On very cold nights when the temperature is going way down into the single digits, it is often recommended that you leave a faucet drip to keep the water flowing and to avoid pipes freezing. You can, but you do not have to if you prepare for those very frigid temperatures. Insulating all the piping in your home that you can see can prevent pipes from freezing.

Addressing small leaks before they become big problems is also important. You can save about 10% on your water costs and avoid potential freeze issues. Fix small leaks and replace toilet flappers as necessary.

Address Problems Immediately

Any plumbing problem, no matter how small, can turn into a much larger problem when it is ignored. Addressing problems as they crop up before they become emergencies is the best way to ensure that you never have to call the emergency plumber for repairs or deal with the damage that could have been avoided.

A small basement leak, waste line problem, or appliance failure can be easily resolved when you call for plumbing service as soon as you notice the problem. A plumber can be your best resource for preparing your plumbing for a worry-free winter. Learn more about how a plumbing service can help prepare your home for winter.

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