If you have frequent plumbing issues, the water pipes in your home are starting to deteriorate, or you’re making substantial changes to the floorplan and require new plumbing, repiping is in your future.

Repiping simply means having professional plumbers replace pipes, whether for a single fixture or the entire house. The first question most homeowners ask when a plumber suggests this project is, “How much does it cost to repipe a house?”

The answer varies depending on several factors. Here, Al Coronado Plumbing, Sahuarita’s trusted plumbing contractor, explains what goes into estimating the cost of repiping. You can get a specific estimate for your home by calling 520-834-8400.

Factors That Determine the Cost To Repipe a House

While there’s no definitive answer to “How much does it cost to repipe a house?” you can expect to pay for labor and materials. The plumber will help you make decisions, such as choosing between copper and PEX piping, to ensure you stay on budget without sacrificing results.

When you receive a quote, the cost will depend on the following factors.

Size of Your Home

The size and age of your home determine how long it will take to install new pipes and the amount of materials necessary to complete the job. A 5,000-square-foot home will cost more to repipe than a 1,000-square-foot one. Repairing older homes also costs more than newer ones because they require more work.

The Number of Plumbing Fixtures

Pipes deliver and drain water from fixtures like toilets, showers, sinks, and appliances, so the more you have, the more time and materials you’ll need to complete the job. If you have multiple bathrooms and many appliances that connect to the plumbing, expect to pay more for repiping.

Type of Pipe Material Used

The size and type of pipe the plumbers use for the project significantly impact costs. The larger the pipe diameter, the more expensive it is. Copper pipes cost significantly more than PEX or CPVC.

Inspection and Permit Fees

Replacing the water pipes is a major project that may require permits from local authorities to complete and an inspection after the project is complete. An experienced contractor will know what the local code requires and ensure your home is in compliance.

Accessibility of the Pipes

The harder it is for the plumbers to access the old plumbing pipes to replace them, the longer the work will take and the more you’ll pay for labor.

Additional Costs

The final bill for repiping your home may include additional costs, such as fees for repairing drywall they removed to access the pipes, cleanup costs, or add-on services. The contractor should disclose these fees up front during the quoting process.

Find Out the Cost To Repipe Your Home

If you’re dealing with issues like clogs in the kitchen sink and bathroom sewage pipe, get in touch with Al Coronado Plumbing at 520-834-8400. We can answer “How much does it cost to repipe a house?” with a free estimate.

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