A clogged toilet quickly causes a nasty disaster on your bathroom floor. Understandably, you’ll want to avoid commode catastrophes at all costs. 

Can toilet paper clog pipes? Al Coronado Plumbing, a skilled plumbing contractor in Southern AZ, unpacks that question below.

Let’s Talk About Toilet Paper

Which works best for your septic and plumbing system?

  • Bamboo toilet paper
  • Single-ply 
  • Recycled rolls
  • Unbleached varieties 

With endless toilet paper products from which you can choose, many people make the choice on price alone. However, manufacturers design toilet paper differently. For example, some brands may degrade almost instantly when wet, and you won’t be able to use that type of paper to clean up spilled sodas or other messes.

However, while most toilet paper lacks the absorbency and durability necessary for effectively cleaning surfaces, there are still levels of functionality to consider. A one-ply product will break down faster than a three or four-ply product. Certain materials like bamboo also degrade faster.

Can Toilet Paper Clog Pipes?

So, can toilet paper clog pipes, and if so, which product would plumbers recommend? Yes, toilet paper can clog pipes, particularly if too much enters the plumbing system at once. You can mitigate the issue by exploring how different products work to satisfy your needs and protect your drainage system from invading tree roots and sediment buildup.

Better Toilet Paper Could Help

When choosing the best toilet paper for your household, consider the following factors:

  • Multiple plies: Single-ply toilet paper will cause fewer blockages but doesn’t always fulfill your personal needs. 
  • Material: Materials like bamboo and other biodegradable substances break down faster than traditional products. 
  • Your needs: If you struggle with stomach issues, you might need better toilet paper to ensure hygiene. Why not look into multi-ply options made from biodegradable materials to protect your septic system?

How To Prevent Toilet Paper Blockages

Under some circumstances, you need to use more than your drain pipes can handle. What can you do to ensure your toilet paper goes down the drain smoothly? You’ll find a few helpful recommendations below:

  • Keep a selection of products: Who said you can only use one type of toilet paper at home? Stock up on one-ply products for regular use and multi-ply products for heavier use. This ensures your cleanliness and comfort without stressing your drainage system.
  • Install a bidet: Consider a complete bidet installation or removable attachments. Bidets can eliminate your need for toilet paper at home. 
  • Don’t rinse toilet paper down the sink or tub drains: Sometimes, kids or pets make messes with paper products in other plumbing fixtures. Prevent a blocked drain by removing as much toilet paper from the fixture as possible.
  • Proactively maintain your plumbing system: Prevention is the best solution. Regular maintenance services from an experienced plumber will ensure your plumbing and septic system work flawlessly, especially when you’re in no mood to mop or plunge.

Al Coronado Plumbing Solves All Kinds of Drain Clogs

Can toilet paper clog pipes? Yes, it can, but Al Coronado Plumbing offers services to prevent and fix all types of clogged drains! Call 520-834-8400 for professional plumbing assistance today.

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