Professional plumbers utilize several drain-cleaning tools to eradicate troublesome pipe clogs in record time. Although most Tucson residents know the basic plumbing tools, many don’t know the more obscure plumbing equipment. That’s why our team at Al Coronado Plumbing put together this guide on essential drain-cleaning tools plumbers use to eliminate pipe blockages. 

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Three Professional Drain-Cleaning Tools Every Professional Uses

Clogged pipes can hinder your plumbing system’s operations and make it difficult to use your fixtures without adversely affecting your drain lines. However, professional drain-cleaning tools can make vexing pipe blockages a thing of the past while preserving your piping’s structural integrity. Below are some efficient tools and drain cleaners most plumbers use on a near-weekly basis:

1. Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is a long, flexible, corkscrew-like wire that penetrates clogs and dislodges them from pipes. They break apart drain obstructions and allow them to flow through the drain without obstructing operations or damaging the pipe’s interior. Plumbing snakes, also called augers, come in motorized and manual model variations and are one of the most useful tools to eliminate drain blockages. 

2. Video Inspection Devices

Before a plumber eliminates a drain blockage, they must find it and determine the best unclogging method. However, uncovering clogs deep within pipes isn’t always easy. Video inspection devices allow plumbers to find and assess hard-to-reach drain blockages and plan their approach beforehand.

Video inspection equipment typically features a small waterproof camera attached to a long, narrow cable. The camera sends images and videos of the blockage to the plumber’s monitor to help them determine the best approach to the clog. Once the plumbers examine the clog, they can efficiently remove it and restore your plumbing system’s operations.

3. Hydro Jets

Plumbers use hydro jets to eliminate stubborn clogs and clean a pipe’s interior. These jets shoot highly pressurized water into the drains to eliminate clogs that other tools can’t remove. They can remove various substances, including:

  • Oil 
  • Grease
  • Waste 
  • Non-degradable materials
  • Tree roots

Although hydro jets make eradicating vexing clogs swift and easy, the high water pressure can damage the pipes if someone uses them incorrectly. Always leave hydro-jetting to the professionals to ensure a safe and effective process.

Our Al Coronado Plumbing team has vast experience with these drain-cleaning tools and will have your piping system operating better than ever at a price that fits your budget.

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