If you see a black discoloration ringing your sink’s drain, you likely have black mold growth. So, what causes black mold in sink drains? Keep reading to discover everything you should know about black mold in your sink. 

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What Is Black Mold?

Black mold might look like slime or gunk, but it’s actually two layers of growing organisms. On the top level, bacteria grow on your discarded hair, soap scum, skin cells, and more. Beneath the bacteria, penetrating into the pipes under your drain is black mold.

Black mold endangers your health and property and can grow from your sink into the rest of your home. If you see black gunk, mold has already penetrated deeper into your sink. Address the mold immediately to avoid more severe problems.

Causes of Black Mold

Black mold grows from two causes.

Drain Clogs

A drain clog provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. Not only does it cause moisture to build up, but it provides plenty of nutrients from hair and other substances. The dangerous thing about a sink clog is that the mold can go undetected while it spreads to the rest of your home.

Moisture Buildup

Mold only needs moisture and nutrients to take root, and that can occur in places other than a clog. Even when it doesn’t cause a blockage, whenever you rinse anything down the drain, it can lodge in the sides or joints of your pipe, eventually attracting water and then mold.

Signs You Have Black Mold

Now that you know what causes black mold in sink drains, look for these signs you have a problem:

  • Discoloration around the affected area is the most visible sign. The mold will present as a dark ring around the drain or just inside it. If you notice a pinkish discoloration, that’s a bacteria and an early sign mold is soon to come.
  • If your bathroom smells like an attic or humid basement, it’s an invisible indication mold is growing just beneath your drain.
  • If you notice your allergies increase whenever you use the bathroom, especially if you don’t experience them in bathrooms outside your home, it’s a clear sign something is growing in your sink.

How To Clean the Black Mold

Follow these steps to address black mold:

  1. Remove the drain stopper and scrub it down. For extra certainty, soak it in vinegar.
  2. Plunge the drain to remove any clogs.
  3. Use a homemade cleaning solution consisting of two cups of boiling water and one-half cup of baking soda to pour down the pipes.
  4. Call a plumber to inspect your pipes and address any further issues.

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