There are many reasons that homeowners seek the immediate assistance of emergency plumbers. From a risk of flooding in your home to a toilet that is overflowing, an emergency plumber stands ready to help fast. Across the United States, all the leaks in a typical to an average household can potentially waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year.

Additionally, the EPA states that those 10,000 gallons of water are the equivalent of the amount of water used to launder 270 loads of clothing. Now that you’ve contacted your emergency plumber, let’s delve into what you can do before the plumbing contractor arrives.

Turn Off the Source of the Leak

Emergency plumbers know that time is of the essence. As soon as they have received your call, they will let you know their time of arrival So, take comfort in the fact that help is on the way. In the meantime– should you have water leaking into your home from a fractured water supply line–you want to take the time to turn off that main shutoff valve.

While you may be looking at damage, you don’t want it to worsen. If the issue is limited to one particular appliance or fixture—an overflowing washing machine or toilet for example—turn off the water supply line valve. You can find it behind the unit. This will help stop the flooding. Be sure that when you speak to your plumbing service, they walk you through how to turn off the correct valve.

Remove Any Standing Water

Emergency plumbers realize that you are stressed, confused, and angered by your plumbing issue. So, as you wait for your plumber to arrive, you want to take the time to remove as much standing water as you possibly can. You may need to head downstairs to get the buckets and mops.

You may also want to turn on your ceiling fans, floor fans, and open your windows too. Try to remove as much standing water as you can so that you don’t ruin your walls and flooring. Standing water can cause mold spores to develop. Mold can begin to form in a matter of days. Soon, it will be a barely visible nuisance that will cost you additional money for its removal.

Move Furniture to a Dryer Area

Emergency plumbers work hard to remedy a number of plumbing issues. In fact, your Tucson plumbing services are ready to help you with quality emergency assistance. So, as you wait for our arrival, try to remove the furniture that is sitting in the flooded area and place it in your backyard or in a room or an area of the home that is not flooded.

Even though a soaked sofa is unlikely to shatter or blow up, it will certainly cost you some money to replace it. If you are facing a soaked bed, bookshelf, table set, chair set, or sofa—you want to remove it from the flood area quickly. If you are not able to transport the furniture pieces to a dry floor, then consider using some sturdy plastic or aluminum foil to cover your furniture.

Take Photographs

Emergency Plumbers are some of the most helpful home repair agents around. Their assessment of your home may help you file a homeowner’s insurance claim and receive monetary damages. So, in an effort to help propel your claim, you may consider taking some photos of what happened. Make sure that your pictures are sharp, focused, and effectively tell the insurance agent what happened. Your pictures may also help your emergency plumber.

Your Tucson plumbing service is a locally-owned business. This means that we have emergency plumbers that can get the job done and fix the issue the first time.

Whether you’re facing a leaking water heater and need fast water heater repair or have a flooded guest bathroom early in the morning, your Tucson AZ 24 hour plumber is ready to come to your home and remedy the problem. So, don’t hesitate. Contact our emergency plumbers and let’s get your plumbing repaired right now.

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