When kitchen sinks develop a foul, rotten egg odor, the problem is usually old food stuck in the drain. However, bathrooms can also take on the same scent, and there’s no food going down the drains in those rooms. So if a bathroom smells like sulfur, what’s the cause?

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Is the Smell From the Water or a Drain?

If your bathroom smells bad without an obvious cause, you might assume it’s mold growth, mildew, or water contamination. A sulfur smell won’t signify mold or mildew. Those growths produce a musty scent, not a sulfuric one. 

Water contamination is a possibility, though. If you think the water is the problem, you can perform a quick test.

Fill a glass with cold tap water, take it outside, and give it a sniff. Do the same with the hot water. Rotten egg smells in the hot water glass usually mean water heater contamination, and foul odors from both glasses indicate water supply contamination.

If neither glass smells, the problem is likely one or more of the bathroom’s drains.

Are Your Bathroom Drains the Culprit?

If your bathroom smells like sulfur due to a drain, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  • Plumbing Ventilation Problems: Your plumbing system has a vent pipe that helps water flow down drains. A clog in that pipe from dirt, leaves, or other debris can reduce water flow, causing gases from organic waste to seep from drains.
  • Toilet Problems: You could deposit a septic-safe bleach tab in your toilet’s tank if it smells even after a thorough cleaning. However, you might need help from a qualified plumber if the bleach deodorizer doesn’t work; your toilet may be leaking sewer gas. 
  • Dry Drain Trap: The U-shaped pipes beneath drains should have some water on their lowest part. That water forms a seal to block sewer line gases from exiting the drain. Your drains will start to smell if the U-pipe dries completely.

How to Get Rid of Sulfur Smells in Your Bathroom

Air fresheners can help hide some odors. Effective odor elimination for bathroom drains starts with plumbing maintenance and routine cleaning. Here are several plumbing and cleaning tips to consider:

  • Use drain traps to prevent clogs from hair, dirt, and other particles
  • Flush your pipes often with enzyme cleaners
  • Call a plumber to clear clogs

Learn More About Plumbing Maintenance From Al Coronado Plumbing

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