If you experience toilet gurgling or bubbling, you might wonder what’s causing this issue and if it’s something to worry about. The answer to, “Why does my toilet bubble when I take a shower?” ranges from something completely normal to more serious concerns. 

To get to the bottom of your toilet bubbling while showering, you’ll want to deploy help from a skilled plumbing contractor in Sahuarita

Understanding Toilet Gurgling in the Shower

Have you been wondering, “Why does my toilet bubble when I take a shower?” If you hear gurgling coming from your toilet while you shower, it’s because they both share a drain line. If there’s something clogging, restricting, or blocking the line, air can become trapped inside the pipes, which can lead to bubbling noises.

Troubleshooting Toilet Issues During Shower

If you hear any sort of gurgling from your toilet during showers, there are many things you’ll want to inspect and troubleshoot before moving forward. Here is a brief list of common toilet issues that can cause bubbling:

  • Clogged toilet drain, which can be minor, like a clogged toilet, or significant, like a deep clog in the plumbing that requires an auger
  • Air bubble due to a dry P-trap, which is the pipe running below the toilet 
  • Vent stack blockage from debris like sticks or nests

Cause of Toilet Bubbling During Shower

There are a few main reasons why a toilet or shower may be gurgling during or after showering. The most common reasons and their fixes are detailed below.

Main Sewer Line Clog

This type of clog requires help from professional plumbers because it can be due to numerous factors like tree roots, grease, damage, or debris. A main sewer line clog may require hydro-jetting and drum augers to reach the affected area and break through the clog. 

Poorly Installed Plumbing

Improper plumbing can cause poor pressurization in the plumbing, which allows for air pockets and dangerous backflow. To best treat your issue, hire professional plumbers who can take all diagnostic measures to inspect your plumbing and provide the correct long-term solution.

Drain Pipe Clogs in Shower

Now and then, the shower drain clogs with hair, debris, and other materials. If the shower has a clog, it also affects the toilet since they’re connected. If you suspect the tub has a clog, you’ll want to remove the drain catcher and use a plunger to push down suspected debris. 

Plumbers use augers that rod through debris in the drain pipes to remove stubborn clogs and eliminate any overflow. Furthermore, if you use a well and septic, you should know that non-septic safe toilet paper may clog pipes, too, leading to a main line blockage.

Instead of questioning, “Why does my toilet bubble when I take a shower?” get your answers today. Contact Al Coronado Plumbing at (530) 834-8400 in Tucson, AZ, for all your plumbing services! Worry less about how a shower drain impacts toilet bubbling and get the help you deserve.

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