Low water pressure in your shower is one thing. The limited water force takes longer to fill your tub, doesn’t create a strong flow from the showerhead, and leaves your hair lifeless after a wash. But when low water pressure extends to other parts of your home, it also takes longer to fill dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, and toilets. 

Low water pressure in households is usually a job for the professionals since the problems run deeper than changing the fixtures. Al Coronado Plumbing has expert plumbers in Tuscon, AZ, capable of five-star repairs within one visit. Trust us to remedy your water pressure that could originate from the following concerns.

Mineral Deposits That Clog Pipes

When you notice dirty water slowly going down your shower or sink drain, your first instinct is to clear away hair or other items. Just like blockages bar the water drainage, mineral deposits in your plumbing fixtures occur over time, clogging pipes. 

Limescale and other minerals originate from calcium and magnesium from hard water. It leaves less room for water flow and requires replacement piping. While it’s normal to notice low water pressure in household fixtures over 40 years, frequent buildup means you may need a water softener to protect your pipes.

Failing Pressure Regulator

Another reason for poor water pressure is a faulty water control valve. While not all homes have this pressure regulator, the ones that do use it to monitor how much water comes through the pipes. It keeps the pipes safe from too much pressure that could cause leaks, cracks, and split seams throughout the piping system.

However, misreadings, stress, and aging are common issues that cause pressure regulators to fluctuate or fail. It creates high or low-pressured water with little warning.

A professional will test your pressure regulator by attaching it to a pressure gauge and checking the flow of water. The flow should have a pressure of 75 pounds per square inch. 

Semi-Closed Water Meter Valve

Each home has two main shutoff valves that the water company controls, including the water meter valve. This valve either sits on an outer wall of your home or an underground box. It can restrict water flow to your household once turned off.

This valve should remain untouched. However, if you’ve had a contractor recently conduct household or plumbing repairs, they may have turned it off and didn’t fully reopen it. 

Check to ensure the valve handle is parallel to the water pipe. If slanted, it is only partially open, causing low water pressure in household plumbing.

The #1 Choice in Tuscon, AZ

While the above are common concerns contributing to low water pressure, other causes also have residents calling the #1 plumbing company in the state. We have over 1,000 five-star reviews because our experienced team gets the job done right the first time. 

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