Some forms of technology are easy for people to follow. Companies advertise new phones and computers, but no one seems to promote new toilet technology.

As a plumbing contractor in Tucson, we see new toilet technology as it comes out. There are several types of toilet flush systems that manufacturers have released over the years, and here are eight of them.

1. Gravity Flush Systems

A gravity flush toilet is probably the one you have in your home. These toilets utilize water tanks on top of the toilet bowl to flush solid and liquid waste. These are the most common toilets, and plumbers love them.

They often clog from too much solid waste but are easy to unclog if necessary.

2. Pressure-Assisted Flush Systems

Pressurized flush systems are the ones you see in public buildings, airports, or malls. These toilets build up air and water inside the tanks, which the user can release quickly with a button or lever press. The pressurized water fires with a loud whoosh, cleaning the bowl and flushing waste away.

3. Dual Toilet Systems

Manufacturers designed a few new types of toilet flush systems to combat the growing water-use crisis. These are like most gravity-fed toilets but have two flush options. One uses more water while another uses less.

4. Washdown Toilet Systems

Washdown toilets are like gravity-flush toilets but have shorter bowls and wider trapways that allow more waste. These are highly efficient and compact toilets that work well in many applications.

5. Siphon Flush Systems

Siphonic systems use a combination of gravity-powered flushes and water currents to flush waste. These toilets pull water through the system, which siphons waste down and away through the tramways. These toilets are quiet and have a high water level that keeps odors out.

6. Rear Flush Systems

Rear-flush toilets use standard methods of water movement, but the similarities end there. These toilets have a grinder at the end of the trapway that grinds and quickly disperses waste when it flushes, making them highly efficient.

7. Flapper-Flush Valve Systems

These are the most common toilets used in hotels and are an older style. These toilets use a rubber flapper to stop a tank of water, which releases when you flush the toilet. They aren’t the most efficient toilets, but they are the most straightforward toilets to repair when necessary.

8. Ballcock Flush Systems

These systems use technology found in the carburetors of small engines. A rod with a ball floats atop the water level, which controls the amount of water in the system. When you flush, it releases a plunger at the bottom of the tank that releases the water.

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