Homeowners face many causes of a water pipe burst in their house. With Arizona’s freezing nighttime temperatures, your pipes can burst. If you suspect you have this problem, our plumbing experts stand ready to help you to learn whether you have a burst pipe and what you can do to fix it. 

A premier Tucson plumbing company like Al Coronado Plumbing can help if you have a burst pipe or another plumbing problem. Read on to determine if you have a burst pipe, then call us for further help at 520-834-8400.

How To Determine if You Have a Burst Water Pipe

Pipes can burst under your home’s foundation and elsewhere. Look for signs like faucets sputtering, no or low water pressure, a flooded basement, dirty water, or sewage smells indoors or outdoors. 

Without a quick, effective repair, cracked, broken, or burst pipes cause significant water damage and mold growth. If you have a burst water pipe, one of the following solutions can help resolve the problem. 

1. Turn Off Water Mains

The most important thing to do is turn off the main water flow. The last thing you need is more water after a pipe burst. Find the water shutoff valve and stop the flow until deemed safe to turn the water back on.

Don’t forget to drain excess water from the faucets to relieve water pressure. Now, you can begin temporary solutions until a professional can reach your location.

2. Contact a Professional Tucson Plumbing Company 

If a water pipe bursts in your home, you’ll need to contact professionals immediately. They’ll inspect your plumbing system, locate the source of the leak, and make effective repairs to prevent additional damage. 

3. Try a Temporary Fix

You can apply various temporary fixes to an exposed water pipe burst in your house. You’ll need to allow the frozen pipe to thaw with warm air.

Repair sleeves fit tightly around pipes to prevent water from leaking out further. Clamping rubber against the damaged area can also stop the leak temporarily. 

4. Clean Up Water

Water damage begins quickly with a burst pipe. Significant damage can result in structural problems, damaged possessions, and harmful mold growth. 

Some water damage is unavoidable, but you can reduce its effects. After stopping the water supply from flowing, dry all wet surfaces and seek additional mold remediation if necessary.

Get Top Plumbing Help in Tucson

If you live in Tucson or the surrounding areas and suspect you have a frozen water pipe burst in the house, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber like Al Coronado Plumbing. We offer fast, effective, and reliable plumbing services. 

With our transparent business operation, high-quality equipment, and prompt response, we’ll help you navigate plumbing problems of all kinds, including burst pipes. Learn more tips on how to keep your plumbing in good condition this summer, then contact us for service. 

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