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Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Marana, AZ

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Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Marana

Al Coronado Plumbing is the trusted company to help with hot water heater repair and replacement services in Marana. You can expect no hidden fees with our services. Contact us today to get hot water flowing in your home again!

We can assist in installing or repairing electric, gas, tankless, heat-pumps, and solar system hot water heaters. No matter what type or brand we can help get it done!

Benefits When Choosing Our Experienced Team

SAVE MONEY! We Charge by the Job, Not the Hour

We provide you with an honest and firm up-front price. This eliminates unpleasant surprises.

Convenience! 24 Hour Emergency Service to Fit Your Needs

Emergencies happen at the worst times. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calling us assures you hassle-free help is on the way.

Never an Overtime Charge! No Additional Cost for Evening & Weekend Work

Evening and weekend work is performed at the same low price. We provide the best value for your hard-earned money anytime, 7 days a week.

We Guarantee Our Work With No Excuses, You Can't Lose

With a written guarantee for up to 5 years, if you're not completely satisfied with our installation, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for no additional cost.

Always Prompt & Professional No Mess Left Behind

Your home is part of your daily comfort & health. "We care" customer service assures you our technicians will respect and leave your home clean.

Water heater repair

A hot water heater is very important to have in a home. This is why at Al Coronado Plumbing, we act fast to get them repaired. No one wants to deal with ice-cold water in the middle of a shower. Contact us to bring hot water home again!

Water heater installation

Installing a water heater is a very important process. If done wrong it can cause major issues and can be dangerous. Just moving the water heater alone is difficult considering how big and heavy they tend to be. To get this done right contact Al Coronado Plumbing in Marana today.

When you start to see a water heater leak, move quick

Having a leak can lead to some serious damage to your home. This is why we suggest always keeping an eye out for this. The second you see a leak, go ahead and shut off the water valve by the tank. Give Al Coronado Plumbing a call and we’ll show up to get things back in proper working order.

To get the most trusted water heater repair or installation service in Marana, call Al Coronado Plumbing.

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People also ask

Is it better to repair or get a new water heater?

The decision to repair or replace your water heater depends on multiple factors.  The biggest factor in making this decision is the age and history of maintenance of the water heater.  Here in Arizona, if a 15-year-old water heater stops working, even if the problem is repairable, it would be professionally irresponsible to repair the unit because it is long past its life expectancy.  

However, if an 8-year-old unit needs repair and has had a history of annual maintenances and anode rod replacements when needed, repairing the unit may be a viable option.  Al Coronado Plumbing is educated in all types of water heaters and can give you all the information needed to best guide you through this kind of decision!

How does a water heater work?

Depending on the type of water heater that is on the property, water heaters will use various forms of energy to heat the water within.  Generally speaking, there are two primary heat sources for water heaters these days: gas and electricity.  Both of these energy sources have tank-based and tankless models available on the market.  Gas tank-based heaters use what is called a burner assembly to heat the water from the bottom of the large reserve tank.  This is essentially relatively similar to a stove burner that heats a pot of water.  Gas tankless units use a larger and more powerful burner in what is called a “heat exchanger,” to heat the water instantly inside the water heater as it is being used in the home. 

Electric tank-based units use electric powered heating elements that work together to heat the water in the tank.  Similarly, electric tankless units use more powerful elements to heat the water on demand for a property.  Both types of tankless units tend to be more efficient because they only use their energy source while water is being used, rather than using energy to keep a large reserve tank at a given temperature at all times. 

Tankless units are growing in popularity but other technologies including hybrid heat pumps and solar are also viable solutions for a homeowner.  It all comes down to the individual homeowner and their lifestyle in deciding what type of technology is best for them.  Al Coronado Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise of all types of water heaters and technologies to help homeowners navigate the decision in what is best for them, their homes, and their families.

Why is my water heater leaking?

There are four main reasons why a water heater may leak: age of the unit, the water quality of the home, the water pressure of the home, and maintenance of the unit.  Depending on the type of water heater, tank-based units in Arizona have an average life expectancy of 9.7 years.  Tankless units have an average life expectancy of 50-100% longer than their tank-based counterparts, but this varies with the aforementioned factors.  Our water quality in Arizona is both very high in mineral and chemical content, so water treatment systems of different types can prolong the life of water heaters and other water-using appliances. 

Checking and maintaining your home’s water pressure to ensure it stays in safe ranges is also critical.  Manufacturers also recommend different types of annual maintenance on almost all types of water heaters as well.  Al Coronado Plumbing can help with all of these factors to ensure that you and your family always have hot water when you need it!

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They came out first thing in the morning when our water heater leaked. Quickly replaced the old with a new one. When we had a problem the next day, they came out immediately to fix the problem. Very fast and friendly.

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