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Burst Pipe Repair in Oro Valley, AZ

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Burst Pipe Repair in Oro Valley

A common major plumbing emergency homeowners deal with is a broken or burst pipe. That’s when Al Coronado Plumbing can come in to help. We’ll do everything we can to make sure this is as positive of an experience as we can. We’re ready to help deal with these issues at any given time of the day or night. Our plumbers in Oro Valley will show up within an hour. If necessary we’ll even be able to install full copper main water lines. You can trust that we have the knowledge, skill, and all the right tools to repair issues and replace materials. We want to leave you smiling after our work is done.

We understand that dealing with a burst pipe emergency can be a nuisance. In order to make it easier on you, we make sure to not include any overtime or hidden fees. Once our work is done we’ll leave the area clean. Our team will make sure everything gets done.

With Al Coronado, you and your family are at the top of our priority list. From the minute you call to the moment the job is done, we understand how important it is to resolve this for you.

Benefits When Choosing Our Experienced Team

When finding a reliable plumbing company, Al Coronado Plumbing stands out from the crowd. Our commitment to quality and excellent customer service is second to none. Here's what makes us unique:

Save Money! We Charge by the Job, Not the Hour

Opt for Al Coronado and experience the economic advantage of our job-based pricing first-hand, a clear upgrade from the hourly rates of competitors that can escalate labor costs. This customer-first approach ensures you get free estimates and the best value for what you pay for. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges, just honest work at an honest price.

Convenience! 24 Hour Emergency Service to Fit Your Needs

Whether it's midday or midnight, our plumbers offer 24-hour, round-the-clock emergency repairs to maintain the functionality of your plumbing at all times! Because emergencies can strike without warning, allow an Al Coronado plumber to be there for you when you need us most. Our expert staff is always just a phone call away!

Never an Overtime Charge - No Additional Cost for Evening & Weekend Work

At Al Coronado, the rate you see is the rate you pay, with no exceptions. You’ll never find a hidden fee for evening or weekend jobs — it’s all the same to us! In keeping with our dedication to clear and honest pricing, you won't incur extra fees for overtime work either.

We Guarantee Our Work! No Excuses, You Can't Lose

Our guarantee is straightforward and to the point: top-notch solutions backed by 35 years of experience helping Arizona families without any compromises. A guarantee is only as good as the business that makes it, and ours comes in writing. That is how much we trust the quality of our work, and should you encounter any unforeseen issues during the lifetime of your guarantee, we’ll be here to make things right.

Always Prompt & Professional - No Mess Left Behind

In addition to guaranteeing quality service, we also guarantee to leave your home cleaner than we found it, with no mess left behind! Timeliness and cleanliness are our trademarks. We arrive as scheduled and leave your premises spotless.

Burst Pipe? Shut off water

The first thing you should do when dealing with a burst pipe, is to shut off the water main. This will help put a stop to any flow of water. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to understand where the water main for your home is at. Just in case you run into an issue like this.

If you have a burst pipe, call a plumber

Once the flow of water has been put to a stop, it’s time to wait for our Al Coronado Plumbers to arrive. It won’t take them long, you can expect us to treat your case with a high priority.

Grab a mop and bucket

Now that help is on the way, it’s a good idea to begin removing excess water. It’s not a good idea to let standing water sit, this can begin leaking into the flooring and begin causing damage. Grab a mop or a towel to pull water from the area out. This will also make the repairs a much easier and faster process.

Give us a call during any plumbing emergency like a burst pipe. Al Coronado Plumbing will get to your location as quickly as possible to help.

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Burst Pipe Repair Oro Valley

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People also ask

Placing rubber over the leak, does this help?

Placing anything to help stop a leak over a pipe may work in some cases, but it will always be temporary. For a proper permanent fix to any leaky pipe, contact Al Coronado Plumbing. We’ll make sure to put a stop to any leak with a proper permanent fix.

Can a burst pipe cause a fire?

When a pipe bursts, it will begin to leak water in the area around it, leading to damage. This can lead to mold or even worse, it can leak into electrical wires and cause a fire. It’s very important to always keep an eye out for any leaks or signs that a pipe could burst.

Is a burst pipe covered by insurance?

Homeowners insurance tends to only cover damage from leaks if the leak is sudden and accidental. This includes things like a washing machine supply hose suddenly breaking, or a pipe bursting. The insurance companies will try to get out of covering damage if it was caused by poor maintenance.

Burst Pipe Repair Oro Valley

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Kevin was our plumbing advisor and Tyson was our service pro. Our hot water tank burst on Memorial Day, and Kevin came out that day, and thoroughly reviewed our options with us. The installation was completed by the next day. They replaced our hot water tank, the ventilation system was updated to pass Pima County inspection, and safety features were added. Tyson did an incredible job, his work was meticulous! Kevin even helped provide documentation for our homeowner’s insurance claim. We plan on contacting Al Coronado Plumbing for maintenance of our hot water tank system, and other services. We will be recommending the company to our family and friends!

– Helen H.

Burst Pipe Repair Oro Valley

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