If you need plumbing tips for winter, look no further than our expert plumbers in Tucson. At Al Coronado Plumbing, we put together a short list of tips to keep your home plumbing system working like a charm all season. Call us at (520) 834-8400 to schedule an appointment with us.

Read on to learn how to protect your plumbing during the cold season.

Tip #1: Remove Your Garden Hose

You can easily forget your garden hose exists during the winter. But before you do, make sure you detach it from the wall. During extreme cold, any remaining water in the hose will freeze, creating more pressure in your plumbing system.

When pressure builds up, the flow rate can skyrocket. This puts more wear and tear on the whole system. Eventually, seals or pipes may burst, causing dire consequences for your home.

When you remove and store your garden hoses, you avoid destructive consequences.  

Tip #2: Flush Your Hot Water Supply

Arizona has hard water containing lots of minerals. When water sits in your water heater, the heating and cooling process causes some minerals to separate. As a result, it builds up in the tank. 

When you flush your water heater, you prolong its lifespan, improve the way it works, and increase its efficiency. This applies to tankless water heaters as well. If you live in Tucson and aren’t sure how to do this, call us for help. 

Tip #3: Run the Heat When You Travel

You probably want to increase your energy savings during the hottest and coldest seasons of the year. As such, you might think it makes sense to turn your heat off completely when you travel. It can’t hurt when you’re visiting your family for the holidays, right?

Wrong! You should leave your heat on when traveling.

When you leave the heat off for days, your HVAC system works harder to reheat your home. Additionally, your plumbing system remains vulnerable to freezing pipes. You’ll find it safer and more energy-efficient to keep your heat running at a lower temperature during your travels.  

Tip #4: Let Your Faucets Drip

One of the most common plumbing tips for winter still deserves repeating. Let your faucets drip, especially when frigid temps head your way. When you allow cold water to drip from each faucet, you prevent ice from forming in your pipes. 

When ice forms, it blocks water flow and dangerously increases pressure throughout your house’s plumbing. Even a slow, steady drip keeps your pipes from bursting in below-freezing temperatures. Discover other reasons why pipes burst in Arizona winters.

Call Us for Any Plumbing Emergency 

As a Tucson resident, you may forget some of these plumbing tips for winter. Local temperatures rarely drop below freezing. However, our plumbing experts wanted to give you a friendly reminder in the event frigid temperatures do arrive. 

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